Non Private collection

from the exhibition “Vanishing Point”
Curator: Or Tshuva
260 ink jet prints sized 13*18 cm, table, chair, reading lamp and sound – 15 min monolog.

At the heart of this project stands a collection of stolen photographs that she received from A. – an old family friend who took them from the apartment of his childhood home neighbors in 1960s Tel Aviv. The stolen photographs ,capture a myriad of historical events, including the ‘48 War, the ‘56 War and Eichmann’s Trail – an era in which most of the visual information was mediated to the Israeli public by a few grainy images published in the printed media.

The photographs give a new perspective on these formative events ingrained in Israeli collective memory, through new situations and angles printed in high quality. On the background of an interview she conducted with A., in which he describes the experience of finding the photographs and how over the years those stolen public memories were merged with his own biography, Baror invites the viewers to become active participants in her work and explore the content and the realms of the archive.

Excerpts from an interview with A