Nahar (River)

In Collaboration with Avshalom Suliman
Cabri – a Jewish Arab Collective Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri.
9 May 2018 – 30 June 2018

Nahar (River) is a collaborative effort by artists Michal Bar-Or and Avshalom Suliman, which will be shown in the Jewish-Arab Collective Gallery at Kibbutz Cabri throughout May. The exhibition was created using kibbutz Cabri itself as its source of materials. It is concerned with the question of Source, in the two-fold meaning of the word, both as the common ground from which things arrive into the world, and as a document or artifact which designate an original or a prototype, in contrast to an ersatz copy.

The works that make up the fabric of the exhibition were woven, as it were, like stories, spun from archival materials and oral testimonies, all relating to the different myths regarding the birth of the very place in which they are presented, kibbutz Cabri. Suliman and Bar-Or follow the tracks of these myths as they re-tell them using various techniques of copying, fabrication and material transformations.