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A photograph of the mosaic "Gur Aryeh Yehuda", Jacob Wexler, 1963
Pigment inkjet print, 100X200 cm
Photographer: Y. Zafrir, undated
Accession Number 6744,
album 46/ photo 37

The mosaic embedded in the black tiles of the memorial room cannot be viewed in its entirety from above. As a result, visitors to the room are forced to walk on it and see it only in sections and from a distorted shortened perspective.
The old photograph documents the finished mosaic planned by Jacob Wexler and executed by the children of Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha. It was taken before the memorial room was renovated and before the mosaic was inlaid in its floor. It is laid on the sesame floor, before it changed its spots and became black marble.