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Photograph of the sculpture "Daphne the Palmach Fighter",
Moshe Zipper, 1960
Two pigment inkjet prints, 150X250 cm each
Photographer: Yoel Nattes, circa 1972
Accession Number 2413,
album 13/ photo 105

Before the renovation, the floor was light and the windows were covered by a geometric design made of concrete. In the corner there was a statue of a woman raising her illuminated weapon. This is Daphne, or rather "Daphne the Palmach Fighter". Between Daphna and the window, like a backdrop of sorts, stands a wall from "Noah's Ark in Flowers", the handiwork of the children of the Petach Tikva Teaching Farm in 1971. The photograph that documents this arrangement blocks the entrance to the show. If you would only turn your head back, the sculpture will reappear, this time in the real version, as part of the permanent display in the Yad Lebanim House memorial room. The sculpture stood at the center of Kibbutz Gan Daphne, an imaginary kibbutz in the film Exodus. In the memorial room, Daphne is fixed to her place – made of plaster and over 50 years old, any movement might shatter her body, which is soft, despite the powerful triumphant pose in which it was cast.
Today, there is no longer anyone who knows how the Hollywood Daphne from the Palmach made her way into the permanent display in the local memorial room.